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We own 2 girls - Háta and her daughter Safira. We would like to introduce on this websites ourself, our dogs, our puppies, but first of all this wonderful, active and cheerful breed. </small><br><br> »«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«<br><br> <img src="http://hata.wz.cz/index.bmp" border="no"><br> <small>We expect puppies around 20.1.2012 - We expect puppies around 20.1.2011 - what is going on in Safira´s belly you can watch in the link below::<br><br></small> <a href="http://www.rr.sk/modules.php?name=Preg_kal&kryt_den=19&kryt_mesiac=11&kryt_rok=2011&zobraz_cele=0&krok=1&chovsta=Maurehata&mesuky=Abby+Safira+Maurehata&mepsa=Compendio+Nimble+to+Gawika" target="blank"><img src="http://hata.wz.cz/pregnancy4.gif" border="no"></a><br><br> <b>* * * NEWS 2011 * * *</b><br><br> </center> <small> <b>28.1.2012</b> - we lost all the puppies due to complications during the pregnancy. Safira was sterilized, because her uterus ruptured. We are so sorry, but we can not describe our pain in english. Safira is fine 2 days after operation and hopefully she will be absolutely okay.<br> <b>22.1.2012</b> - also today we are still waiting. Safinka is still calm, without any problems, but her belly is much more lower than before weekend and the puppies should come really soon :o).<br> <b>21.1.2012</b> - we are still waiting... <br> <b>20.1.2012</b> - Safinka is still calm and relatively active, so we have to wait yet. But don´t worry, Cawala puppies will be born soon - Safira cannot change the rules, although she is very happy in her new position, because she loves to be in the spotlight :).<br> <b>16.1.2012</b> - new photo of Safinka´s <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>big belly</b></u></a> :o).<br> <b>7.1.2012</b> - new <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>photos</b></u></a> in Safinka´s pregnancy diary.<br> <b>5.1.2012</b> - also today Safinka wrote you <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>some words</b></u></a>.<br> <b>3.1.2012</b> - new <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>update</b></u></a> in Safira´s pregnancy diary.<br> <b>1.1.2012</b> - we wish you all the best in 2012! And Safira wrote <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>some words</b></u></a> in her pregnancy diary too :o).<br> <b>29.12.2011</b> - new <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>photos and note</b></u></a> in Safira´s pregnancy diary.<br> <b>26.12.2011</b> - new <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>update</b></u></a> in Safira´s pregnancy diary.<br> <b>25.12.2011</b> - we added informations about our Háta and some links on this english version of our website<br> <b>23.12.2011</b> - we wish you merry Christmas and all the best in 2012! New <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>update</b></u></a> in Safira´s pregnancy diary.<br> <b>19.12.2011</b> - although is Safinka realy too busy this year before Christmas, she found a moment to <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>update</b></u></a> her pregnancy diary :o).<br> <b>13.12.2011</b> - dear friends, future owners, fans - we are excited, because Safinka is pregnant! What we suspected several days was confirmed on today´s ultrasound :o). We saw at least 5, maybe 7 puppies, we will see on January, how many puppies will be born :o). And perhaps we'll do all the fans happy - pregnancy diary is <a href="http://hata.wz.cz/denicek_vrh_c.htm" target="blank"><b><u>online</b></u></a> - it is only in czech, I am really sorry for it.<br> <b>4.12.2001</b> - yesterday it was 2 weeks and we secretly hope that Safira´s tummy hides a couple of babies. Everything looks good - Safinka grows in the waist (for now 3 cm), sleeps a lot, is carefull, doesn´t want to play with Hata or with Tica and is always soooo hungry - but she still gets the same ration of feed, she is not very happy, but too much feed is not good in this stage. Around 15th Dezember we are going to go to ultrasound, so then we will inform immediately. And maybe before, because I am so looking forward to our next pregnancy diary :o)!<br> <b>20.11.2011</b> - we were on a trip in Poland yesterday and I still can not recover from an enchantment. I knew that Porter and Safira are quite similar, but I really did not expect this! Porter is amazing, beautiful and similar Safince not only in an appearance but also in character. He moves like Safi, he is cuddly as much as Safi and even he speaks as well as Safi (he not only barks, he uses a lot of various sounds, :)). We can only hope that their mutual liking will not remain without consequences and that we will welcome to the world a couple of copies of Safira and Porter at the end of January :o). Already, I'm sure this will be amazing flat babies. Keep your paws crossed!<br> <b>13.11.2011</b> - finally ENG version of our homepage is online and not only private. We translated the most important sites from czech to english and we will continue - but please be patient - it is so hard to write about our dogs and kennel in foreign language. We can not describe everything as we really feel it because of our limited vocabulary.<br> <b>26.6.2011</b> - we updated Safira´s private page, because it wasn´t actual anymore, and mainly we added more informations about our C litter! And one more news - Abby Maila with her owner attended unofficial working tests and they won category E with full number of points! Congrats, we are very proud! And second good news about Babby Delphi - she was on the first dogshow last week and she got EXC1. Congrats also!<br> <b>11.6.2011</b> - and now it is clear :o). At least we presented the father of our C litter, more info about our planned litter will be added soon. We plan also english version of our website (but please excuse our bad english :o)).<br> </table> </div> </body>